Important Notice to Seafarers

Dear Seafarers ( HELP notice from Smt Sushma Swaraj Ji)

When Indian seafarer is stranded anywhere in the world, Please register a complaint on madad.gov.in portal of MEA which will automatically be sent to Indian Mission / Embassy for assistance. This is an online portal and can be useful for all such Seafarers in any part of the world who require Consular help in any country. The seafarer or his family n friends can register online. Complainant gets frequent on line update on mobile or registered e mail I'd. Pls spread this word around through portal and social edit also to help our countrymen.

  Thanks & regards,
M.C.Luther, JS.& PGE
Ministry of External Affairs, 
Akbar Bhavan, New Delhi


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Important Notice to Seafarers

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